David Beckham H&M Launch

I've always been into David Beckham's pants...

It's been plastered all over the media. But I was there. And met the man himself. Luck and chance were mainly on our side. But a great day none the less. I might even start liking football (as long as they play in David's new collection of Y fronts).

Even with our special green wrist bands (clashed with my outfit, not surprisingly) we had to wait for 2hrs in the freezing cold snap in a busy Regent Street. We knew Golden Balls had arrived when the crowd surged forward, screamed and the paparazzi clicked away. Even though he was he was wearing a white grandpa's cardy

(Shame he hadn't arrived looking like this).

Rebecca and Mark with our official Beckham Urine. (or Apple juice)

So many pants so little time.. 

Yes he is as gorgeous as you'd think.

Fans clutching David's pants... (no innuendo intended)

The fabulous Rebecca and William. 

'David! I love your Grandpa's cardie, now you spell Beckham..


Victoria who?...

Now on my wall at home.. jealous you say? Don't care, I MET DAVID BLOODY BECKHAM!