Heat Wave day out.

Me and Ailis have been best friends since we were as ugly as this...
...and are potentially the only people to not have taken advantage of the weather by sunbathing and drinking all day; but instead decided to see Yoko Ono's exhibition 'TO THE LIGHT' in the Serpentine gallery in Hyde Park; details of which are here.

Being an art student, Ailis dragged me to this exhibition, including; a glass maze, an apple (yes just an apple, conceptual nonsense if you ask me) and Ono's infamous film 'FOUR' which is load of bottoms wiggling. If you are pervy enough to check this out it really is quite..erm hypnotising. 

So although I arrived reluctantly..it was worth it. Sort of. 

After all that arty weirdness, we decided a spot of lunch on the river was in order. Mackerel anyone?

This would be Ailis perving at all the topless men. Filth.

Post perving, we got ourselves two Borris Bikes and rode around Hyde Park at sunset. Although initially heavy to ride, it was something I would highly recommend to tourists and Londoners alike.

I'm sure I'm not alone in my obsession with turquoise jewellery, this cuff is a turkish antique from a Soho antique store in New York. One that I trapped back to on my last day especially to get it. Managed to haggle him down to $90.00

My choice of cycling shoes were not the most practical..

From misguided, these black loafers come in various colours, not many left in black but I like the coral colour as well. And I realise if you are sitting there rolling your eyes at seeing needless studs thrown on things you are right, as like me I am quite sick of them..but this was my little exception.

Yes this is our doormat..
50's country singer Ernst Tubb's lyrics hilariously used as door mat.