Pastel Galaxy

Just a quickie..
Now normally these posts of bloggers modelling their latest purchase, irritate the bejeebies out of me. But I feel it is a duty of mine as a fashion blogger to give you an insight into my wardrobe.

This number is a silk jacket from Zara, a bargain at £70.00. The weight of the fabric creates the back shape and the way it hangs.
As a country we have an exceptional high street, make the most of it and as a rule of thumb if you wouldn't buy it in Libertys' chances are you are just buying it because its cheap. 
Teamed with chelsea boots and a vintage 80s clutch from my Mumma. Also you're mum's old wardrobe will be better than most vintage stores..get rummaging! Trust me.   
On the same day as buying this little number I discovered a sushi store...that delivers.
If take aways are all you crave a new (and healthier) twist is at hand. Presenting You Me Sushi. I had the dumpling raman, which was just mouth watering. Will deliver to most London addresses, and is perfect lunch time filler.