Mac n'cheese and Mud pies

Evening family meal up in town, got caught in the most territorial rain August has seen I think maybe forever. Never the less we travelled to Dover street for an American Brasserie dinner.

Dressed in my new Autumnal winter jacket from Topshop, and the fur is from a cardigan I got in New York from LOFT, if you want more details about my NY trip click  here.

Automat American Brasserie, Dover Street in Mayfair. Was a family dinner waiting to happen. Styled to look like a 50's interior of a train, the sound of nat king cole and other american legends gently playing in the background gave the atmosphere of the lost glamour of the decade.

Mojitos on a Saturday..what else. I would also recommend the Californian Ice tea, very subtle and o so delicious.

Well know for their burgers (and large portions) they did not disappoint. An almost deconstructed burger and plenty of fries.

My choice was slightly more indulgent, a large portion of their mac and cheese...with bacon ad spinach. No wonder this is one of their most popular dishes. If you want comfort food, look no further. 


Daddy and Daughter

Now if like me you're greedy... and love pudding, have the Mississippi mud pie with pistachio ice cream.

My family always laugh at me for..
1.) always ordering dessert.
2.)always ordering the chocolatiest/most fattening/indulgent  one on the menu.

..bearing that in mind I think I can say with confidence the best dessert I have had in a long time. So good my parents requested two more spoons to my disgust.

They also do brunch which without doubt I will be investigating in the near future.

Whole Food

In Kensington High Street, in Barkers (the home to fashion emporium Biba). Next to Amika. Lies a foodies heaven. An American store brought over to affluent Kensington. It has been around for a while, but they are building one where I live.. Richmond. Therefore I thought this might give you a taste of what what will be heading our way at the end of this year. Mountains of food, restaurants, juice bars, floristry, and amazing take-away foods. Not like Dominos, quality homemade goodness, everything from take-away curry, home-made soup, delicious salads and even a plan for your dinner in the evening. This has become a bit of a tradition in my breaks from uni, where me and my Mummy go for lunch, as we are both foodies (i.e greedy).

So feast your eyes (excuse the pun) on the vast quantities of food..and excuse how snap happy I got.

This is what the store looks like now and this is what my Mum looks like running for the grub (not really, but she was keen)..

 Goes on forever..

Here are the 'boxes' you stuff with your grub. Price dependant on whether it's Hot or Cold. 

Restaurants at the top floor including; Oyster bar,Ice cream parlour, Juice bar, Mezze bar,Mexican,Thai food, Japanese food and even an Organic cocktail bar. 

This is THE healthiest, greenest, most vitamin packed.. erm vegetabley thing I've eaten all year. And it was bloody brilliant. Even for someone who thinks salads are for rabbits.    

Always come away with something.. this time; salad for tomorrow (goats cheese, cranberries and hazel nuts), healthy super noodles for uni (The Food Doctor) and 'Pukka' LOVE herbal tea (including rose-buds, lavender and chamomile). This is supposed to replicate the feeling of 'love' or a 'warm and fuzzing' feeling.. well I like a challenge

Can confirm it's real tasty.. can't confirm whether or not it gives you that 'love' feeling. Sorry singletons.