My Christmas in a Cabin

So last year was my first year at University, so I couldn't think of anything better than having a Christmas at home. Seeing my family in Kent and also spending time with friends/family. Dog walks and roast dinners followed by Baileys in front of the Eastenders Christmas special is what christmas is all about. And also being hungover from our Christmas Eve party the night before, so therefore everyone must stay in their Pj's all day.Period.    

Dog walks with the one novelty Christmas present is also a must. 

Spending time with my best friend and her family is another little tradition, even if she is a weirdo. 

So this year is a big year for my family. My dear Mum is turning 60. So to celebrate we have booked her a cabin over christmas in the woods of Middle England, equipped with a hot-tub. We are so excited as for me it means; Champagne, Onesies, dog walks, films and amazing food. So excited to get away from everything and have some chilled out family time, and friends will also be visiting as well. This is what I am envisaging...  

These are the two luxury cabins we've booked...

I am very excited and will obviously post about the trip.