Spring/Summer Trends 2013

Would you like to be in the know, for the up coming trends this S/S but can't be bothered to search it or look it up? Need not fear as I have summarised the top 5 looks I think are either different or will be the most popular.

Green Topshop Crop
Topshop Neutral Sequin Top
Embroided dress
Purple 3-d dress

Halter lace dress
Peplum  Dress Nasty Gal
Nasty Girl Maxi
Nasty Gal Cross sheer shirt

Purple Skirt
Bronze/gold laser cut skirt
Mermaid dress
Cosmic Skirt
Lilac bra let

Pink frill bikini
Blue swimsuit
Black cami frill
White sheer frill top

Check Dress
Net Top
Checked shorts

Berlin Fashion Week Day 1

Arriving in all our furs to a snowy -6 Berlin at night, ready for a few days of Berlin Fashion week. We'd be visiting some trade shows and soaking up the culture and rich history of this urban city. 

The night started with a group of us visiting a local gay bar (as you do) ordering Long island ice teas to start the night off. Not realising they'd be served in pint glasses, needless to say it got very fuzzy after a while. 

Another drink, yet this one was made with cactus rum. Can't say it will be replacing a mojito anytime soon.

TV tower/Alexander PLattz in the centre of the Mittre district.

Our first trade show, Capsule. 

Bondage style underwear and accessories made from 100% latex.

SUPREMEBEING a Cambridge based company selling, snap backs and scene kid beanies. We all loved the polka dot beanies.

Hand made wooden sunglasses. 

Based in Carnaby street in London. Selling heavy metal style jewellery, my favourite was the wolf ring.

Swedish collapsable sunglasses.

A pop-up magazine and book company, which sell unique fashion books and zines. A place we loved, and decided to visit later on.

A Nike window display. 

'do you read me?' is the fashion book store we saw at Capsule. It was so quiet and held so many exquisite books. We all got lost in there for a few hours. 

Berlin Fashion Week Day 2

The next day was even colder at -8 degrees! But regardless we decided to go on a 'touristy' day into Berlin.

'Show & Order' trade show, which we were visiting tomorrow.

Apple a cinnamon lattes were called for as it was so cold!

I also sent my parents a postcard from Belin, which they loved!

My phone wasn't working at the time,so this was a nice surprise for them to get. The lost art of sending letters.

Check out my girl Charlotte's blog here

The Berlin University.

Brandenburg Gate

The official Berlin Fashion week which was bustling with some of the most beautiful/striking/odd people. Including some royalty...

Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.

Spice up your life.

Reichstag, is the houses of Parliament for Germany. 

In 1933, it was set on fire as a attack on the Nazi government (Hitler was Chancellor of Germany at this point). The man who was thought to have set the building on fire was a disabled dutch communist called Van Derr Lubbe. The fire was pivotal in the Nazis rise to power, as the fire was used as an example of the communists plotting against the government. Lubbe was sentenced to death and beheaded.  

My (A) in History GCSE has served me well. I studied Hitler's rise to power, so consequently found the history rich and fascinating.

The Holocaust Memorial 

Later that evening we visited Clarchen's Ballroom for some drinking and swing dancing. Reminded me of a school hall, but it was so much fun.

We then strolled down the road to a moroccan restaurant, which had the most beautiful interiors. It reminded me of my trip in September, which you can find here

Tangines and wine were consumed throughout the night.