Berlin Fashion Week Day 3

On our last day we visited our final trade show,
'Show and Order'. 

Managed to get a free cake from 'Pastry shoes' a colour popping trainer company run by Angela and Vanessa Simmons, stars of MTV's Run's me neither. 

I got a goodie bag from Cammello Maculato lingerie, Berlin's most sensuous lingerie brand. 

Part of The Berlin wall.

My Dad already owned a piece of the Berlin wall at home, as his friend was there when it came down and picked him up a piece.....

My own piece of the Berlin wall! 

Check Point Charlie. The crossing point between the East and West of Germany when the Cold War was happening 1945-1991.

Now of course its just another tourist attraction.

We were recommended a Thai 'positive eating' restaurant called Cha Cha. It was reminiscent of Wagamammas, but the interiors were a lot more elegant and chic.

My pomegranate ice tea.

On the subject of food. I must say I wasn't sure what to expect from the German cuisine, and if I'm honest its not great. I tried their delicacy called a 'Curry Wurst' (a spicy or curried sausage to you and me). It wasn't anything to rave about. But we discovered some fantastic restaurants with cuisine from all over the world such as; Italian, Thai, Sushi, Moroccan and Argentinean. 

We also stubbled upon this luxurious chocolate shop. 

As night fell, Berlin sparks to life. 

It reminded me of London, with its wide variety of food and also its urban landscape as well as its chic Metropolitan building that were more Manhattan style than I expected.

Heading out to a Bar, we ordered the cocktail recommended to us by the German bartenders. It was called 'Babyface' and it tasted of what I imagine sour breast milk would taste of. It was awful. But then a free shot was shortly followed, were we had to swill around the contents in a glass and then suck through a straw the gases that were released and then do the shot. I must say after this things to gets little hazy.

We then headed to a shisha bar and had a apple flavour with copious amounts of wine.

Our final morning was spent shopping and exploring more of urban Berlin.

Our shopping consisted of a vintage store where you paid for your clothes by the weight. Something I was very excited about. I will do another blog post on all my clothes I got from Berlin.

And then the flight home. Berlin will be missed, but I fully intend on visiting the capital in the near future.