My Cabin in the Woods

So rather than doing a fashion blog, I thought I'd inform you of what I did for New Years. Instead of going out somewhere and not remembering 90% of the night, this year it was a big birthday of my Mother's (her birthday is on New Year's Eve), so we did something a bit special.  

Somewhere in the middle of The Forest of Dean (near Wales), we had a little cosy cabin of luxury. But not horror movie/small shed type of cabin. It was a luxurious Huf Haus, a modern German house with a  hot tub secluded amongst tall pine trees and stunning views. The picture above was taken from the living room looking out of the glass wall over our decking towards the forest. 

It was so quiet, and felt as if we had jetted off to Canada or Sweden rather than going down the M4 to Wales. We arrived on New years eve and went for a long dog walk to explore the Hansel and Gretel style woods we were staying in.. I might add there was no gingerbread houses found.   

Ailis my horrendously bright best friend who is studying fine art at Oxford, came along to celebrate New Years with us. 

After taking off our extremely muddy wellies and boots, we had a change into appropriate New Years attire (Onesies and Pjs) followed by sitting down to an indian curry and then copious amounts of champagne..well it is New Years.

This photo was taken a few minutes before midnight. So we spent the first few hours of 2013 in a hot tub, in a forest, drunk with champagne...good way to start, I think. 

The next day, we decided to try and recover our hangovers with a long walk. This is called Symond's Yat. Bloody big rock with amazing views over two rivers, but post Christmas (and with months of avoiding the gym) the walk was not without heavy breathing, near heart attacks and full of regret from all the cheese boards consumed.

Luckily a pub was nearby, called the Saracen's Arms, right on the river in the valley so a quick round of Bloody Marys (Yes I'm a Londoner) was in order as well as a bucket of chips...well I figured we'd earned it. 

But unfortunately there was a huge journey uphill that we all hadn't considered... 

This was taken half way up the hill at a rest point. Just as an out of breath Mum was about to park her bum, Alfie our dog leapt up and took the last remaining I guess it was exhausting for dogs as well. 

Although an arduous climb, the views were amazing.

A tired and weary team headed back home, and jumped straight into the hot tub.

Then once again changed into our Onesies/Pjs and snuggled up until Mum insisted we exercised our brains as well as our bodies so forced us to play a Pub Quiz game, and having an Oxford student on my team enabled us to win.

How many marshmallows can you fit onto a Baileys hot chocolate?....a lot according to my face.

Had a relaxing and luxurious holiday, and am sad to come back to the polluted air of London. Also am having major separation anxiety from my hot tub, the weedy shower at my uni flat is just not gonna cut it.

Will be returning soon I hope.