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A few people have messaged me asking me to do more on beauty and things I use on a daily basis. So guys I heard you and am doing just that! But I also want to blog about useful products, apart from just beauty.

Rate: Fake eyelashes

Catapulting into fame because of our essex neighbours but I've been wearing them for 4 years now (since I was 16) so I know a good pair of lashes when I see them. 

This picture was taken on my 18th birthday (yes I dyed my hair brown) and I always prefer the more expensive Eylure range as there is more of a choice available and they are easiest to apply and last the longest. Now they're about £6.00 but well worth the buy. I always pick either 'Glamour' or 'intense' but only for a night out, not everyone's style icon is Amy Childs.

Now the only fake eyelashes I don't highly rate is the Girls Aloud range by Eylure. They are very flimsy and if you've rarely used them before, you will find it to be very tricky to apply. But saying that the best ones are of course Cheryl's eyelashes! They are very natural and I believe you could wear on a daily basis. BUT buy these if you are an experienced at putting them on...even I slightly struggled. 

Rate: Zara Dresses

Now I am a bigger chested woman and have ALWAYS found Zara's sizing to be pretty awful if I'm honest. Nothing has ever flattered me from them and it pains me as I love all of there stuff. But there is an exception...

Say hello to this Kate middy inspired dress. £40.00. 3/4 sleeves and goes just above the knee. 

Have worn it to my Mum's surprise 60th with tights and heels and to my best friends birthday party at Jalouse. Suitable for both occasions.

At Mummy's 60th birthday. Thank you ZARA!

Rate: Nivea Firming Moisturiser

Recommended to be by a friend, after I commented on this gym-a-phobic's pert bum. And she swears this is what helps her tone her legs bum tum and arms! Give it 2 weeks of moisturising everyday and it does actually make your skin taughter. Cheapest gym membership you'll find!

Rate: Urban Outfitters Necklace

Christmas present that wasn't on my list, so a bit of a surprise but even more surprisingly I didn't ask for the receipt! I loved it. From outfitters around £24.00.

Rate: Blonde Dry shampoo

Bit of an obvious one but as a Blondie this is perfect. It not only adds volume but helps you out on those hungover mornings. Couldn't live without it. 

Rate: Garnier BB cream

Now if you still don't know what BB cream is, go and buy some right NOW. Essentially a tinted moisturiser. I personally don't like foundation as I hate the look 14 year olds seem to don, where they look like they've been dipped in dream matte mousse. I don't actually own any foundation, because I don't like the feel of it and also I would like skin like Miss Kerr...

Rate: Healthy Hair

I personally don't have the time for hair masks.. so this is the next best thing. Healthy hair is so important. Nothing worse than straw like hair. And this smells amazing.

On that note..
these two products make you're hair so shiny! The one on the left is Argane oil (moroccan oil) which I got on holiday for £8 but if you buy it here it will be £80.
When hair is still wet apply little a drop of the syrup to your hands rub so evenly distributed then try and enjoy shiny locks.

You're welcome.